FAQ’s About Our Candles

What are they made out of?

Our candles are made out of 100% natural soy beans with wood wicks. No additives or toxins added at all!  You are getting a true 100% natural soy candle!


How long are they going to burn? ​

These are truly SLOW burning candles.  The 8 oz. burns 40 + hours and the 16 oz. burns 60+ hours.


Why is it important to keep the wick trimmed?

If the flame on your wick is large it will melt the candle faster.  So, keeping your wick trimmed to ¼ inch and burning your candle for 4-5 hours at a time will ensure a longer lasting candle and slow burn.

Tip: Make sure to burn your candle at least 4 hours when you first light it so the wax can melt to the edges.  Melted wax is what gives off the fragrance and not the flame.


What about the jars the candles are in?

The glass amber jars used to pour the candles in are 100% recycled glass.  You can even reuse your jars for something else when your candle has burned down.  A great idea is to put succulent plants in them!  There are also many other things you could do.

Tip: When the candle has melted down you can put the jar in your oven on the lowest temperature (keep warm) on a cookie sheet upside down with a paper towel.  Having the jar upside down on the paper towel for about 15 minutes will allow the wax to melt down.  Once it has you can wipe the remainder wax out o the jar and reuse it.